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MARVEL s.r.o. - EnglishOur agency provides specialist translation and interpreting services into and from all European languages and also in non-European languages.


a) Translations and style editing


We can provide translations of a more general nature, as well as translations of highly specialised documents, e.g. in the fields of banking, finance, law, science, electrical engineering, building, telecommunications, medicine, accounting, information technology, and the power sector.

Legally certified translation

For official purposes, it is necessary to have what is termed a legally certified translation (sometimes called a “legalised” or “round-seal” translation). In such cases, it is necessary for the original document to be fixed to the translation, and for the translation to be accompanied by a so-called translator’s endorsement, with a seal. Such translations then serve as legal documents for state authorities, courts, registry offices, etc. It is possible to attach the translation not to the original, but to a certified copy of the original (the certification is carried out by notaries and some other bodies, e.g. municipal authorities – we can also provide this service). Sometimes, it is possible to attach the translation to a normal copy of the document and present this to the relevant authority for inspection of the original of the document.

MARVEL s.r.o. can provide legally certified translations into and from all common and less-common languages.

Style editing

Style editing is carried out by native speakers.


A translation is understood to be the translation of a commissioned text produced in standard word processor format without tables, DTP and other graphical lay-outs. A standard page (SP) is understood to be 1,800 bytes in computer file format. The minimum invoicing size for a text is 1 NS. The standard daily workload for 1 working den is 6 SP of the text in question. Should this daily quota be exceeded, the agency sets a surcharge for urgency. The day when the order is placed, the day when the translation is handed over and weekends/holidays are not included in the calculation of standard work times.


b) Interpreting

Simultaneous (booth) interpreting

Simultaneous (booth) interpreting is used at conferences, seminars and similar occasions, when the speaker speaks into one microphone and the interpreter speaks at the same time as him/ her, but in a different language, into a second microphone. The listener can choose whether he/ she wants to hear the original or the translation (or any of the conference languages) in his/ her earphones. Every booth must be occupied by at least two interpreters.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting where the speaker says a sentence, paragraph or a longer section of text, and this is subsequently repeated by the interpreter in another language. Liaison interpreting is used primarily at round-table meetings, press conferences, etc. It is not, on the other hand, suitable for conferences and seminars involving continuous presentations. There are two reasons for this:

  • the whole event lasts twice as long
  • ) a series of pronouncements in various languages leads to listeners quickly losing concentration.

Should consecutive interpreting be essential for conferences and seminars, and is required for more than half a day, then two alternating interpreters are required.

Interpreting by court-sworn interpreters

For official purposes, interpreting by court-sworn interpreters is required. This chiefly concerns the interpreting of wedding ceremonies and interpreting in courts of law. MARVEL s.r.o. is able to provide interpreting by court-sworn interpreters into and from all common and less common languages.


The working day of an interpreter lasts for 8 hours, including all breaks and interruptions. The minimum length of time for ordering an interpreter is ½ working day. The interpreter is entitled to include travel time as a part of the overall time charged. This applies when the interpreter must travel outside his/her place of residence.

c) Technical equipment

Our agency is able to provide all audiovisual and interpreting equipment including staff.

d) Conferences

We offer complete conference service, such as congresses, conferences, workshops, training courses, press conferences and company presentations or we can help you to provide conference halls and rooms, decoration and catering, hostess services, social events, accommodation.

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